Gas Boiler Problems – Increase Boiler Lifetime

The older your boiler is, the more likely it will start malfunctioning.

By far the most common gas boiler problems we see are low water pressure and external control issued e.g. room stat, clock etc.

Is your heat off? Depending on the type of gas boiler you have, there are a number of possible culprits.
Firstly, does your boiler have an electronic programmer? If it does check the following: –

Is there power going to the clock? Make sure the display is on and the timer is telling the right time. Make sure the programmed times are correct and haven’t changed – refer to the user instructions for the clock.

Is there a wall thermostat? Is it turned down? Make sure it is at a high enough temperature to call in heat.

Is the water pressure low? Check the gauge and remedy if required.

If all of the above is correct the next thing to check is the boiler itself. Are there any fault lights indicating an issue – take note of these and contact us on 01 668 1935. Make sure to have the make and model of the boiler when contacting us.

If you’d like a registered gas engineer to solve your gas boiler problems in Dublin, give us a call on 01 668 1935